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Women in Leadership

I have been there! A racialized immigrant woman, single mother, adult learner, challenges to life/work balance, and faced barriers to leadership. As a life coach, I work with women to enhance quality of life through self-care, self-compassion, and emotional resilience.

As a leadership coach, I work with women entrepreneurs, politicians, academics, leaders, and emerging leaders in developing mental resilience. I welcome working with women from under-represented groups who identify as Indigenous, black, racialized, queer, immigrant, women with disabilities, women of mixed ancestry, among others. Evidence suggests that working co-actively with a coach increases the ability to deliver impactful results by:

  • Leading with authenticity and wisdom
  • Improving performance and decision-making skills
  • Enhancing peace of mind and wellness
  • Developing healthy relationships
  • Cultivating awareness and insights, and choosing through emotional intelligence
  • Aligning intention with action, and holding true to personal values in moving forward courageously
  • Releasing trauma related to systemic micro-aggressions

I view each person holistically and work from a trauma informed lens. I work with my clients to increase Calm, Clarity, Confidence and Courage in leading a Purposeful Life.